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jiangyin customs and litian p&c terminal jointly held a management experience sharing session

release date:2023-06-16

on june 14th, jiangyin customs and litian p&c terminal jointly held a management experience sharing session in order to build a bridge of communication between customs and enterprises to share experiences and promote common development. jia donghang, deputy director of jiangyin customs, attended the event. cai yue, president of the company, and relevant department heads also attended this meeting.

 cai yue, president of the company, shared the specific management initiatives of litian p&c terminal that took 5 years to achieve a comprehensive internal reform and complete the magnificent transformation of the company. since the reform, litian p&c terminal has always implemented the new development concept, practiced the working method of " set an example, seek truth from facts, follow the mass lines", and vigorously promoted the working style of "honest, realistic, pragmatic". continuously improve quality and efficiency in safety production, customer service, technology innovation, compliance system, talent cultivation, depot construction, employee care, etc., which brings together a strong synergy for high-quality development of the enterprise.

chen tao, section chief of statistics department of jiangyin customs, indicated that the work should be combined with the actual situation and adopt the "people-centered" management style. by grasping the key links and comprehensive management to build effective internal communication channels, quantify the work assessment index and discover individual strengths. we strive to allow employees to fully develop their talents and transform the organization's will into everyone's conscious action to enhance team cohesion and create a harmonious and united section atmosphere. 

liu jie, deputy chief of supervision section of jiangyin customs, shared that as a deputy, it is necessary to establish correct values for integrating personal development into the development of the organization, to put the organization in the heart and always maintain a humble learning attitude. paying attention to building internal communication bridges, solving practical difficulties and continuously coalescing ideas is equally important.

yin pinghua, vice president of litian p&c terminal, said that as a personal witness of the 5-year reform, he personally experienced every step of the company's development towards standardization, scientific and refinement, especially in the area of safety management. the innovation of "three major working methods", the construction of a double closed-loop system for hidden dangers, and the active mobilization of all employees to participate in safety production have strengthened the foundation of enterprise safety production.

during the event, zhang kaishu, deputy chief of supervision section of jiangyin customs, made an introduction to the supervision policy. from premises supervision, bonded supervision, health supervision and typical cases, he explained the key elements of supervision of operating sites and answered some questions about the regulatory policy.

jia donghang, deputy director of jiangyin customs, shared his understanding of managers in a comprehensive and systematic way from his own management and practical experience, combined with actual cases at work. he stressed that the event was held not only to promote the common progress and development of custom and enterprise by sharing and exchanging insights in management experience, but also to provide regulatory policies and better services. he suggested that everyone should apply their gains to their practical work in order to reflect the real value of this activity.

through this exchange meeting, litian p&c terminal has gained a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the operational standards of the customs supervision site. in the future, litian p&c terminal will continue to strictly comply with the relevant regulations, take this activity as an opportunity to summarize the learning results, and eventually transform the learning results into effective work to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise through self-reflection and gap-filling.

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