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jiangsu litian p&c terminal co.,ltd

jiangsu litian petroleum-chemical terminal co., ltd is the subsidiary of jiangsu overseas group co., ltd. the terminal is located in ligang industrial park, which covers a total area of 240,000 square meters and has a registered capital of 219 million yuan. it has 445 meters of yangtze river shoreline that provides convenient water and land transportation and is a large scale chemical terminal in the middle and lower reaches of yangtze river.

there are 55 storage tanks in the depot, including 8 spherical tanks and 47 vaulted tanks, which can store 220 thousand cubic meters of liquid storage. the depot can accommodate 60 tank cars at the same time. as the largest liquid chemical transport wharf along the yangzte river, the wharf has a work platform stretching 445 meters long. external berths can be used in combination to moor at most two vessels with a capacity of 50,000 dwt and 20,000 dwt, respectively, at a time. three internal berths can accommodate vessels up to a capacity of 500 dwt.

in 2020, litian p&c terminal took full advantage of its own resources to build a water ship washing station in jiangyin port. it has the advanced wastewater treatment station that can treat more than a hundred kinds of chemicals and clean 600 ships per year. this station can achieve zero wastewater discharge through professional chemical wastewater treatment processes, including quality-specific treatment and water reclamation. in the future, the remaining 90 acres of vacant land will be used to improve the facilities and broaden the service chain.

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    registered capital
  • ten thousand ㎡
    total floor area
  • storage tanks
    8 spherical tanks and 47 vaulted tanks
  • ships
    annual washing capacity
  • ten thousand m³
    storage volume

in recent years, litian p&c terminal has persisted in comprehensively deepened reforms and achieved achievements that have been fully recognized by local governments. as a demonstration enterprise in wuxi, litian p&c terminal has transformed its corporate development model to drive its transition into a green, modern logistics service complex.

adhering to the principles of safety, professionalism, integrity, and win-win situation, litian p&c terminal will provide users with profes-sional liquid chemical storage and transportation ensures the quality and safety of stored goods with the comprehensive management system, advanced facilities, and efficient team. the goal of litian p&c terminal is to build a liquid chemical logistics base that can provide comprehensive services.

litian p&c terminal is committed to continuously improving the work and living environment of its employees, making it as beautiful as a garden. at the same time, litian p&c terminal has equipped various facilities such as cafeteria, gym, study, basketball court, barber room and so on. it gradually build the company into a warm and comfortable home.

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